Octopus Grip Tyre Softener

Octopus Grip Tyre Softener

Born out of frustration of 'imported' products not doing the job.... Octopus Grip is an Australian Made Premium Tyre Softener developed for all types of motorsports.

         Octopus Grip ....... 

  • extends the useful life of your race tyres,
  • improves cold and hot tyre performance particularly on used tyres,
  • helps improve overall performance,
  • reduces running costs thus saving you money.

Ongoing development has lead to an improved formula, which is now also low odour whilst continuing to deliver outstanding, consistent results.

Octopus Grip can be used for most types of motorsport. Some Karting division's rules state that the use of such products is strictly forbidden. Please check first with your sanctioning body's rules before considering using this product.

Octopus Grip is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Octopus Grip is manufactured to Australian Standards.

Sold in 1 ltr cans.  Pick-up from our warehouse by arrangement or at-the-track Only.

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