Lithiumax ElectriBank Deep-Cycle

Lithiumax ElectriBank advanced Deep-Cycle LiFePO4 High Output Energy, Dependable, Super Lightweight Storage Batteries.

Australian designed for Harsh Australian conditions. ElectriBank Can Safely Power your electrical appliances through the day or night from a single charge.

 Uses include - 4WD, Motorhomes/RV, Caravans, Boating - enclosed waters or Off-Shore, Aircraft systems, Marine navigation buoys, Medical equipment, communications power, home/ office power storage, solar storage, traffic management, Advertising, remote lighting, etc, etc.

  • 130Ah PbEq and 230Ah PbEq (lead-acid/AGM/gel equilavent) capacity models. Price is for the 130Ah
  • Continuous output current 100A, Max(5s) 250A
  • 7.5kg and 13kg respectively
  • Advanced BMS, LCD voltage, capacity, temperature meter
  • 130Ah Dims 260L x 130W x 210H
  • M8 terminals supplied
  • 3-Year factory warranty
  • Discharge temperature -20 to 65degC
  • Charge via solar, wind, fuel generator, DC (alternator), AC/DC converters.
  • Maintenance charger available
  • will outlast Lead-acid / AGM in most cases 3-5 times
  • 230Ah ElectriBank  $1199.00
Feature Product

Feature Product