SFI 45.2 Impact Foam


W50 is a highly engineered resilient foam, meaning it will not stay deformed after a crash but will return to it's original shape, keeping you protected in multiple crash impacts.

Exceeding SFI 45.2 specification for materials used for energy management for occupant protection in motorsport, the BSCI foam sheet is easily machined or cut to shape and can be molded to fit complex shapes and design.

In 2014 CAMS are specifying this material in 'head rest' / 'bulkhead' areas in Formula type racing cars.

The Manufacturers recommended MINIMUM THICKNESS for this application is 3/4" or 19 mm, sheet size is 920 mm x 410 mm or we can supply in smaller 'block' size to this thickness ....

*** Price indicated is for an example foam size of 100 mm x 75 mm at a price of $15.00 *

Other thicknesses and CAD design parts available upon request.


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Feature Product