Simpson Hybrid-X Drag Racing


The Simpson full Carbon Hybrid-X has been the choice of John Force Racing and many other high powered drag racing competitors for it's absolute dedication to safety design, the focus being to assist manage the high G-force loads experienced in the rare discipline of the sub single digit sec pass.

6 tethers connect to 4 points on your helmet to help handle the rigours of the hole-shot, tyre shake, violent vibrations, stopping and the possible impact forces experienced on the body during an accident.

The Simpson Hybrid-X is the ultimate Head and Neck Restraint for drag racing's extreme speeds, no other device even comes close. 

SFI 38.1 approved. Ships with all hardware, SFI 45.1 semi-rigid neck collar and instructions.

This system should also be seriously considered for High Speed Salt Flats racers .....


Feature Product

Feature Product